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Creating Tracks

This will be your guide through Studio One 4 and its options. From understanding the Start and Song pages to working with and understanding the Project page for your final mastering. many of these videos will apply to the Prime, Artist and Professional versions of Studio one 4.  To get on the email list for weekly updates to this series, send an email to johnnygeibhst@gmail.com with the title "Sign Me Up" and you will be updated when a new Studio one 4 video is posted.

                                                                 Johnny Geib

Getting Started
Creating Tracks

Getting Started
Track Notes

Getting Started
Editing Tool Options

Getting Started
Creating Plugin Thumbnails

Getting Started
Chord Track Part 1

Sample One
Recording Samples

Group Editing
(Console and Event View)

Getting Started
Chord Track Part 2

Automating the Pan on the Main Out

Hammond Organ In
Studio One 4

Routing Tracks to
More Than One Buss

Getting rid of Latency in Studio One

Video Player Basics
Creating Audio for Video

Pan Control for the
Main Outs

Quick "Zoom" Editing Shortcut

Using and controlling External MIDI Gear