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The Presonus Faderport 8 was one of the most antisipated pieces of hardware Presonus ever finally released. Nearly complete control of Studio One and hands down, one of the most popular requests of Studio One users. This series of videos walks you through many of the most useful and workflow related features and functions with detail and examples. To get on the email list for weekly updates to this series, send an email to johnnygeibhst@gmail.com with the title "Sign Me Up" and you will be updated when a new Atom video is posted.

                                                                       Johnny Geib

Walk Through

The Mixer Section

Hiding Tracks

Transport & Navigation

The "Link" Button

Reassigning the Buttons

LCD Displays

The Timecode Display

Syncing the Mixer View

Using 3rd Party Plugins

The VU Meters

Nudging Events