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Studio One Soundsets "FREE"

Listed below are a selection of soundsets for Studio One 2 users. Feel free to download and use them freely! They can be installed 2 ways. Download it and just double click on it and it should install and automatically launch Studio One OR just place them in your Soundsets folder and restart Studio One. Should be that simple. The Preset I created will be with the samples under the "Soundsets" tab in the browser. Once you load the kit, just save the preset and it will be in the Impact Preset list under the "Instruments" tab.Or, just use the samples and create your own kit. Most Kits have 4 to 8 levels of articulation.

  10x10 REAL Acoustic Drums

10x10 Natural Drums

10x10 70's Drums

10x10 Heavy Hitter Kit

10x10 Power Kit 1

10x10 Power Kit 2