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What has happened to music....

Posted by Johnny Geib on February 13, 2017 at 5:15 PM

The Grammys. What a wonderful waste of time. I never even heard of most of the winners. Not only that, the outfits and the lack of real talent is disgraceful. Now, there was some good music, don't get me wrong. But the overall collection of lacking talent was quite a surprise. You can call me old, stuck in the past or closed minded but my opinion comes from the musician side of who I am. The songwriter I used to be and the Singer I never was. But attitudes and egos are way to prevalent. I already miss people like John Lennon, George Micheal, Micheal Jackson, Freddie Mercury and others. Real talent and what the industry thinks good is in fact gone.

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Reply Rich
1:15 AM on March 7, 2017 
its all about the money and advertisers. The talent is lost or hidden. I'd rather watch JG record a song for an hour and 42 minutes than watch the grammies.
I really dont know what happen to the music, but I like to support local bands, and local radio play was what it is or was all about ...if you had a chance to hear or read Dylan's response to his Nobel Prize. That' s all he hoped for back in the day. Today young kids without any idea of the real world want a million people to listen to their creations...So it all get lost somewhere. The great music exists, we just have to look harder and longer to find it....one mans opinion...
Reply MikeW
11:51 AM on April 1, 2017 
The music "industry" no longer exists as we have known it. It has been swallowed up into the larger entertainment culture. That's why we see country award programs staged in Las Vegas, for example. And since the Hollywood culture is so disgusting, the music has become that as well. There is great art and music being produced, but not in the industry. It is being created by individuals free to do their best work because of technology. But it is also this same technology that allows crap to be packaged and presented to the world. So much noise! In the old days, the labels did all that screening for us.
Reply Sharmon
8:12 PM on July 26, 2017 
Musician - a person that makes a living from playing music. All other just play music.
The industry has always been driven by the money, at the expense of the musician. (who creates this stuff anyway?). With the advent of the internet and DAWs, there is so much out there, one person can't possibly sift through all the garbage to get to the little bit of good stuff. I think there isn't that much good stuff anymore because most everyone is a "part timer". To really be good, serious Stage time has to be put in. that brings me to this old adage...
What's the difference between a Musician and a medium size pizza? At least the pizza can feed a family of 4.
Reply Larry OCONNOR
3:54 PM on January 1, 2018 
"It is being created by individuals free to do their best work because of technology." Indeed. and that is US. How true will our segment of the music world be to their muse? Now young and old (me) can draw upon their lives to express it. Beyond that, the very parameters we discover along the way allow us to grow our own "big picture" of the world of sound and music. Yet we have very vague and ungrounded slang that serves for the sociological aspect of our worldview. I'm talking phrases like "selling out", "artistic integrity", "legend in his own mind". These need to be reexamined and only take what serves along with us into this world of techmusic (techmuzik?). For example, if I only like sixties music styles and someone wants to pay me to mix their hip hop : does the act of using one's artistic craft for tasks unrelated to his artistic expression.constitute "selling out"? Selling, yes. Contributing to others while getting paid while using one's craft is not what people mean when they " selling out". What is it, then? All this by way of saying hi and putting some philosophy of music stuff out there to see what comes.
Reply Nexy
4:08 PM on April 15, 2018 
What happened to music? The world? Loops. That we need 1000 "friends" (people we do not really know) on spacebook to be eligible to sweep a parking lot. We could whine and wonder and miss the old days. Or..... How about we all get off our fat froggy asses and make some real rock and roll???? Because like the blues, someday we and our music will all be dust and we can't count on John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd to remind everyone we once lived. Especially since one of them is gone now too. C'mon Babies, Let's get back to that same old place, sweet home Chicago!