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Below is a list of all available Online Training Subjects



Purchasing Studio One
Registering for an account on
Registering your Presonus software/hardware
Downloading and installing Studio One
Activating Studio One
Installing your Presonus interface
Installing your Presonus StudioLive
Selecting your interface in Studio One                                                                                                                       Configuring inputs and outputs (both song and project pages)
Understanding all the knobs on your Presonus interface
Understanding what order to turn your gear on and then off
Using your Presonus Music Creation Suite

Setting up External Devices

Understanding External Devices and External Instruments (the differences)
Setting up external Devices (Setting up Keyboard controllers and control surfaces)
Choosing MIDI cable or USB MIDI interface and why
Setting up external instruments (Sound Modules, effect units etc.)
Setting up and using a Presonus Faderport
Using Control Link (Assigning knobs to functions)
Using Multiple monitors

The Song Page

Creating a Song
Adding tracks, record arm, monitor, mute, and solo
Creating your own song template for recording
Creating your own song template for mixing
Using song templates
Understanding the Song page
Understanding Instrument and Audio Tracks

Mastering and Projects
Bouncing down a stereo mixdown for mastering
Organizing your files
Mastering (Song page in Artist or Producer)
Creating a Project (Project page in Professional)
Using the Project page
Loading your stereo audio mixdown into a project
Returning to the mix and updating mastering file
Understanding Dynamic Range (DR)
Understanding Inserts and Post in a project
Inputting Meta data
Setting up tags and spaces
Creating a "Mix Tape"
Mastering: Maximizing overall perceived volume
Mastering for Dynamics (not volume)
Mastering: Trusting your ears
Inserting Effects on each song
Inserting effects on all songs at once
Inputting Meta data: where it works and where it doesn't
Understanding dithering
Burning CDs
Publishing to the web

Organizing tracks in a song

Naming and color coding tracks
Using Folder tracks
Grouping tracks
Recording Modes
Recording Audio Tracks
Using mono tracks and stereo tracks "How and when" (for Audio Tracks only)

Instrument (MIDI) Tracks

Creating an instrument (MIDI) track
Adding a virtual instrument (like a VSTi) to an instrument track
Recording Instrument (MIDI) tracks
Understanding MIDI data
MIDI Editing
MIDI Mapping
Using Midi Effects

Understanding Channels and the Mixer

Understanding Signal flow in Studio One
Inputs and FX on the way in the box
Using insert effects (With or without drag and drop)
Using pan sliders and the stereo field
Instrument placement in a mix (pan positions)
Using faders and decibels
Changing channel inputs and outputs
Understanding routing
Creating buses and sends
Using Buses and creating sub-mixes
Understanding Pre-fader and Post-fader sends
Using FX buses
Viewing only buses, only channels, or only FX channels
Mixer views
Creating and using signal chains in the mixer

Understanding other areas in Studio One

Understanding the transport bar
Performance meter in Studio One
Changing bit and sampling rate in Studio One
Creating loop ranges enabling loop function
Setting the time signature in Studio One
Using and customizing the metronome
Creating an Audio Click track from the Metronome options
Using the Inspector
Enabling and using Event FX
Using the Track List
Using Banks
Using the marker track for better workflow
Using the tempo track
Changing the tempo during a song
Hiding and showing automation envelopes
Using floating windows

Recording Audio

Record arm, setting levels, and preamp gain
Using the Pre-count
Loop recording
Recording and using Layers
Punching in & out
Using Auto-punch
Understanding  the Remote mixer option
Changing event gain for better workflow
Recording Multiple Tracks At Once
Recording midi and audio at the same time

Editing Events

Understanding the cursor tools
Zooming in and out in the time domain
Gain zooming audio tracks
Changing track size to fit your needs
Removing ?silence? from events and why
Understanding Fade-ins and Fade-outs
Creating Cross-fades
Locking and unlocking the grid
Aligning events with other events
Bouncing and Merging audio events

Using Loops in your song
Using Control Surfaces
Using a control surface to create Automation
Plugins overview
Using Third Party VST Effects
How To Remove Noise From Your Recordings
Using the Macro Toolbar (creating and editing macros)
Using Effects on Only Part of a Track
Switching Audio Drivers
Sharing Projects Between Computers
How To Import 3rd party Loops
How to create your own loops
How to create your own drum kits in Impact
How to sample drums and other percussion
Using Melodyne
Creating vocal harmonies
Track Types Overview
Optimize Your Computer
Using a StudioLive with Studio One In the Home Studio
How to use external effect gear using Pipeline
Using external drum machines with Studio one
Using Midi Clock

Your Room
Configuration and equipment placement
Speaker placement
Sound reinforcement placement
Building a vocal booth
Finding the "Sweet Spot"


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