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Training And Support For Studio One Users


Here is an option for the those looking for a structured Curriculum. Everything from Room Setup, speaker and mic selection to different mixing styles is offered below. Choose any group of subjects in any order or just begin at the beginning.

From The Beginning:

Setting up your room
          Wall treatment
          Speaker position
          Organizing your your desk (work space)

Setting up the interface and inputs in the DAW
                  Bit depth
                  Sample rate
                  Latency settings (ASIO Buffer/samples)
                  Setting input levels
                  Clipping issues
                  Setting up the inputs and outputs

Getting Ready To Record:

Mic selection (if applicable)
          Quality vs Cost (will cheap sound cheap)
          The best mic for the job (condenser or dynamic)

Creating the song
                  Choosing song length
                  Setting up the tracks

Let's Start Recording
                  Scratch tracks (follow a click/drum loop or free style)
                  Building the song (how many instruments is too many)
                  Should I overdub my vocal?
                  Panning Position

Mixing Your Song
                  Gain Staging (track volume levels)
                  Balancing levels
                  Adding Effects (compression, reverb and EQ)
                  More Panning position options (what instrument, where)
                  How to avoid "mushy" mixes

Let's Master Our Song

Mastering Your Song
                  Adding the final effects on the main outs (Artist)
                  Moving your song from the "Song page" to the "Project page"
                  Entering the Meta Data
                  Mastering multiple songs at once
                  Preparing the CD Burn or preparing for Digital Release

Just For Fun
                  The Beatles mixing style
                   Track effects (reversing and stutter effects)
                   Organizing for action (equipment position)